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potts/am/bezier command


potts/am/bezier keyword args 


potts/am/bezier control_points x -6.9 -6.9   0.6  6.9 6.9
potts/am/bezier control_points y       0.8   2.1  3.8
potts/am/bezier control_points z      -0.9, -1.0 -2.8
potts/am/bezier beta 1.0 0.5 


This command is defined and used by the app_style potts/am/bezier application.

The command argument control_points is required 3 times for specification of x,y,z component values of control points used to define bezier melt pool surface.

The command argument beta is optional and can be used to adjust surface convexity according to schematic image shown above. Note that app calculates distance to melt pool surface using a closest point projection algorithm; this calculation is robust for convex surfaces but can and probably will fail for concave surfaces -- results may vary.

In the example above, 5 required floating point values are input for x component of control points, and 3 floating point values are input for y,z components. Values for beta are the default values.


This command can only be used with the app_style potts_am_bezier application.

Related commands:

app_style potts_am_bezier


There are no defaults for control_point values and they must be supplied as part of script running the potts_am_bezier app. The beta keyword command is optional however and the above example shows the default values betay=1.0,betaz=0.5.