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app_style potts/am/path/gen command


app_style potts/am/path/gen 
  • potts/am/path/gen = application style name


    app_style potts/am/path/gen 

    This app does not have any app specific parameters. It does however require AM raster commands listed below.


    This is a specialized additive manufacturing (AM) application. The app generates a sequence of computational volumes (CV) which correspond with AM raster paths on rectangular domains; it runs very quickly and does not need to be run in parallel. The sequence of CVs generated are ordered according to the am build specified; the union of CVs forms the final desired 3D rectangular volume over which microstructures are simulated.

    Microstructure simulations on the sequence of CVs emulates the additive manufacturing process by appending incremental results to the output database much the same way material is added to a part during an AM build. SPPARKS simulations can be conducted on each CV and stitched together to form the final built part. AM microstructure simulations conducted this way require substantially reduced computational resources, both memory and mpi cpu resources, when compared to what would be required if the entire domain was instantiated for one large simulation. Starting and stopping the sequence of runs is also a highly flexible restart capability for AM microstructure simulations.

    To generated CV and raster path information, the am pathgen command, supplied by this app, must be in the user input script; the script must also include am cartesian_layer and am pass commands which specify the rectangular domain as well as raster path information. The script should not use the create_sites commad -- more on this below.

    The directory examples/stitch/stitching_rectangular_domain contains an example demonstrating use of this app. There are 3 primary elements to the example: 1) in.path_gen -- input script which uses this app; 2) in.am -- input script for a generic AM SPPARKS simulation on a CV parameterized; 3) stitch_rectangle.sh -- bash script which orchestrates the overall set of simulations. Very limited editing of bash script is required; only the spparks executable path is needed at top of script. Remaining parameters should be specified by in.path_gen and in.am. See directory for further explanation.

    The following commands are needed and required by this application.

  • region: Specify the larger intended simulation domain for the AM microstructure simulation. This domain will be decomposed by the app into a series of significantly small simulation domains (CVs).
  • create_box: command to create region specified
  • am pass: Specify pass parameters used to construct cartesian_layer.
  • am cartesian_layer: A scan pattern on rectangular layer constructed from am pass and other parameters.
  • am pathgen: May be used for combinations of layers that comprise a pattern. The command must be specified in the input script to generate output CV and raster information and must come after all of the above commands.

    Do not use the create_sites command with this application. For this app to function properly, the region and create_box commands should be used to specify the larger intended simulation domain. If create_sites is used, the app will attempt to create a lattice on the larger intended simulation domain potentially requiring huge distributed memory requirements. If on the other hand the lattice is not created, the app is extremely light weight and can be used to generate the sequence of CVs and raster information on the larger intended domain. Thus the app can easily run in serial for any domain size provided the create_sites command is not used. It is not necessary to run the app in parallel although it will do so gracefully.

    This application will only generate paths specified by the am cartesian_layer command and associated am pass commands.

    Related commands:

    None beyond those listed above.

    Default: none