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am build command


am build start z num_layers N 

Example 1:

am pass 1 dir X speed 9 hatch 75 
am cartesian_layer 1 start LL pass_id 1 thickness 10 offset -100. 0.0 
am build start 10 num_layers 2 

Example 2:

am pass 1 dir X speed 9 hatch 75 
am pass 1 dir Y speed 9 hatch 75 
am cartesian_layer 1 start LL pass_id 1 thickness 10 offset -100. 0.0 
am cartesian_layer 2 start LR pass_id 2 thickness 1 offset 0.0 -100.0 
am build start 10 num_layers 4 


This is an optional command used by am/ellipsoid and potts/am/weld applications to specify multilayer build simulations. The command allows for re-use of layer specifications and implicitly creates a pattern of layers. The build pattern is implied by the order and number of layers in the input script. As is conventional, the build proceeds in the z-direction according to specified layer thicknesses. The am build start parameter specifies the top surface of build plane; its important to specify this parameter if the spparks domain is thicker than a build layer otherwise the default value will be zhi taken from region box which is probably not desired. Once all layers have been built/simulated, the pattern repeats, cycling through the layers again and again until num_layers have been simulated. The am build command allows for defining an arbitrary number of layers and patterns.

This command is mostly intended for SPPARKS simulations that do not use Stitch IO; nonetheless, this command can be used with Stitch IO. Simulations using Stitch IO would normally proceed layer-by-layer using only one layer in any particular simulation. If this command is omitted then the pattern of layers in the input script is only simulated once.

In Example 1, one layer is simulated. Because thickness t=10, am build start z=10 is specified.

In Example 2 above, 2 layers are defined but 4 layers are simulated; layers are alternately rastered in X then Y directions starting at the LL corner and alternately the LR corner. As in Example 1, because first layer thickness t=10, the start value is set at am build start z=10.


This command can only be used as part of the app_style am/ellipsoid app_style potts/am/weld or applications.

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These are the option defaults: