• Monte Carlo simulation code [1], [2]
    • Kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) [3]
    • Rejection (MC) and Metropolis (MC)
  • C++, serial and parallel (using MPI)
  • On- and off-lattice, with several lattice choices
  • 2- or 3D simulations
  • Extensibility to many material processes
  • Open source [4]

SPPARKS as a Framework

SPPARKS is an engine to write ‘on-lattice’ kinetic monte-carlo (KMC) apps that can run massively parallel

  • Modify an existing app or roll your own
  • Run existing apps


[1]SPPARKS Authors: Steve Plimpton, Aidan Thompson, and Alex Slepoy
[2]S. Plimpton, C. Battaile, M. Chandross andG. Wagner, E. Webb, X. Zhou, C. Garcia Cardona, and A. Slepoy. Crossing the mesoscale no-man’s land via parallel kinetic monte carlo. Sandia Report SAND2009-6226, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, October 2009.
[3]Corbett C. Battaile, The Kinetic Monte Carlo method: Foundation, implementation, and application, Compute Methods Appl. Engrg. 197 (2008), 3386-3398.