What can you do with SPPARKS?

This tutorial has a focus on grain growth type applications but spparks can do a lot more than that.


  • Strength, toughness and crack growth resistance are intimately tied to microstructure
  • Significant effort goes into control of microstructure
  • Predictive tools such as SPPARKS have potential to enhance understanding of heat treatment processes and perhaps shorten development time of new processes

Grain Growth with Precipitates

images/grain_growth.02.png images/grain_growth.32.png images/grain_growth.282.png

Vacancy Diffusion

images/vacancy_diffusion.0.png images/vacancy_diffusion.10.png images/vacancy_diffusion.63.png images/vacancy_diffusion.66.png images/vacancy_diffusion.200.png images/vacancy_diffusion.label.png