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weld_shape_teardrop command


weld_shape_teardrop width w case i 


weld_shape_teardrop width 100.0 case I 
weld_shape_teardrop width 100.0 case II 
weld_shape_teardrop width 100.0 case III 

The three examples above are depicted in the images below. These images illustrate cases I, II and III for a fixed width of 100 sites. Because the width is fixed, each case produces a different pool length. NOTE: due to scaling for this documentation, constant width=100 for each pool shape is not perfectly rendered in images below although they are close.


Specify size and shape of weld pool at top surface of weld. Shape of pool at root surface (bottom) is controlled by alpha in potts/weld. The aspect ratio length/width for cases I, II, and III are 1.4, 1.8 and 2.2 respectively. If a specific width is desired then that is specified directly in the command and pool length is implied by the aspect ratio. On the other hand, if a specific length desired, then the input width must be calculated by hand using the desired length and aspect ratio.


This command is only valid when used with potts/weld.

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Default: none