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run command


run delta keyword values ... 


run 100.0
run 10000.0 upto
run 1000 pre no post yes 


This command runs a Monte Carlo application for the specified number of seconds of simulation time. If multiple run commands are used, the simulation is continued, possibly with new settings which were specified between the successive run commands.

The application defines Monte Carlo events and probabilities which determine the amount of physical time associated with each event.

A value of delta = 0.0 is acceptable; only the status of the system is computed and printed without making any Monte Carlo moves.

The upto keyword means to perform a run starting at the current time up to the specified time. E.g. if the current time is 10.0 and "run 100.0 upto" is used, then an additional 90.0 seconds will be run. This can be useful for very long runs on a machine that allocates chunks of time and terminate your job when time is exceeded. If you need to restart your script multiple times (after reading in the last dump sites snapshot via the read_sites command), you can keep restarting your script with the same run command until the simulation finally completes.

The pre and post keywords can be used to streamline the setup, clean-up, and associated output to the screen that happens before and after a run. This can be useful if you wish to do many short runs in succession (e.g. SPPARKS is being called as a library which is doing other computations between successive short SPPARKS runs).

By default (pre and post = yes), SPPARKS initializes data structures and computes propensities before every run. After every run it gathers and prints timings statistics. If a run is just a continuation of a previous run, the data structure initialization is not necessary. So if pre is specified as no then the initialization is skipped. Propensities are still re-computed since commands between runs or a driver program may have changed the system, e.g. by altering lattice values. Note that if pre is set to no for the very 1st run SPPAKRS performs, then it is overridden, since the initialization must be done.

If post is specified as no, the full timing summary is skipped; only a one-line summary timing is printed.

Restrictions: none

Related commands: none


The option defaults are pre = yes and post = yes.