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diag_style sinter_pore_curvature command


diag_style sinter_pore_curvature keyword value keyword value ... 


diag_style sinter_pore_curvature 


The sinter pore curvature diagnostic computes the mean integral curvature of the pores in the powder compact simulated. In addition the triple line length is also computed. The calculation is done over the 1/27th central parallelepiped in order to avoid border effects. The pore curvature and the triple line length are printed as stats output via the stats command.

The method used to measure pore curvature is described in detail in "On Sintering Stress in Complex Powder Compacts", Cristina G. Cardona, Veena Tikare, Burton R. Patterson and Eugene Olevsky, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 1-11 (2012)


This diagnostic can only be used for the sintering application.

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Default: none