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diag_style erbium command


diag_style erbium keyword value keyword value ... 


diag_style erbium stats yes list h he vac events s1 d1 t2 


The erbium diagnostic prints out statistics about the system being modeled by app_style erbium. The values will be printed as part of stats output.

Following the list keyword you can list one or more of the listed values, in any order.

The er, h, he, and vac values will print counts of the number of current sites of each type. The events value will print the total # of possible events that can occur as defined by the event command, given the current state of the lattice, summed over all sites.

The sN, dN, and tN values refer to a tally of events that have actually occurred, as defined by the event command. The letter "s" means reactions involving a single site, "d" means double reactions involving 2 sites, and "t" means triple reactions involving 3 sites. The N refers to which reaction (from 1 to the number of that type of reaction). I.e. "t2" means the 2nd 3-site reaction defined in your input script. Note that the values printed for sN, dN, and tN are cummulative counts of events from the beginning of the simulation run.


This command can only be used as part of the app_style erbium application.

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Default: none