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diag_style diffusion command


diag_style diffusion keyword value keyword value ... 
  • diffusion = style name of this diagnostic zero or more keyword/value pairs may be appended


    diag_style diffusion 


    The diffusion diagnostic calculates outputs various statistics about the different events that have occurred in a cummulative sense since the simulation began. These values are printed as stats output via the stats command.

    There are 4 kinds of events tallied, not all of which may occur depending on the parameters used in defining the app_style diffusion model.

    A successful deposition event is one that resulted in an atom added to the lattice. A failed deposition event is one that was attempted, but no suitable site could be found and thus no atom was added. A 1st neighbor hop is a diffusion hop from a lattice site to a nearest-neighbor vacancy. A 2nd neighbor hop is a Schwoebel hop from a lattice site to a 2nd nearest-neighbor vacancy. See the app_style diffusion command for more info on how Schwoebel hops occur.


    This diagnostic can only be used with the app_style diffusion application.

    Related commands:

    diag_style, stats

    Default: none