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app_style potts/strain/pin command


app_style potts/strain/pin Q 


app_style potts/strain/pin 100 


This is an on-lattice application which evolves a Q-state Potts model with a per-site strain, where each lattice site has a spin value from 1 to Q. The application also allows for pinning of sites using a special spin value of Q+1. Sites flip their spin as the model evolves but sites are not allowed to flip to a pinned value; sites with pinned values also do not flip. Strain energy can influence grain growth.

See the app_style potts_strain and pin commands for details on how strain and pinned sites are incorporated into this application.

The following additional commands are defined by this application:

temperature set Monte Carlo temperature
pin set pinning parameters

Restrictions: none

Related commands:

app_style potts, app_style potts_strain, pin

Default: none