The development of SPPARKS has been funded by the US Department of Energy (DOE), through its LDRD and ASC programs.

The currrent developers of SPPARKS are John Mitchell (Sandia National Labs) and Steve Plimpton (retired from Sandia). They can be contacted at jamitch@sandia.gov and sjplimp@gmail.com respectively.

Past developers include Aidan Thompson (Sandia) and Alex Slepoy (Sandia and DOE).

The following folks have contributed code for new features. All were at Sandia at the time unless otherwise noted:

Sep23 app potts/am/bezier John Mitchell and Jeremy Trageser
Jun22 app diffusion/multiphase John Mitchell
Jul20 dump stitch, set stitch John Mitchell
Jul20 dump stitch, set stitch John Mitchell
Jul20 Stitch package and library John Mitchell and Jay Lofstead
Jul20 app potts/am/path/test John Mitchell
Jul20 am_build, am_pass, am_path, am_path_layer commands John Mitchell
May17 am_cartesian_layer, am_pass, am_pattern, am_transverse_pass commands Theron Rodgers and John Mitchell
May17 app potts/additive Theron Rodgers and John Mitchell
May17 weld_shape_teardrop command John Mitchell
May17 app potts/strain/pin John Mitchell
Oct16 app potts/weld/jom Theron Rodgers
Sep16 app potts/weld John Mitchell
Mar16 app sinter Veena Tikare
Dec15 app potts/pfm (phasefield model) Eric Homer and Veena Tikare
Mar15 diag cluster Aidan Thompson
Jul11 dump image Nathan Fabian
Jun11 diag array Eric Homer
Jan10 app erbium and diag erbium Corbett Battaile
Dec09 app sos Greg Wagner
Nov09 barrier command Ed Webb
Nov09 deposition command Ed Webb
Nov09 app diffusion Greg Wagner and Xiaowang Zhou

Several materials scientists at Sandia also helped in the original design of SPPARKS and testing of new models: