Modeling of additive manufacturing processes for metals: Challenges and opportunities

M. M. Francois, A. Sun, W. E. King, N. J. Henson, D. Tourret, C. A. Bronkhorst, N. N. Carlson, C. K. Newman, T. Haut, J. Bakosi, J. W. Gibbs, V. Livescu, S. A. Vander Wiel, A. J. Clarke, M. W. Schraad, T. Blacker, H. Lim, T. Rodgers, S. Owen, F. Abdeljawad, J. Madison, A. T. Anderson, J-L. Fattebert, R. M. Ferencz, N. E. Hodge, S. A. Khairallah, and O. Walton, Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science, 21, 198–206 (2017).

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